New illustrations addition by Luis San Vicente

New illustrations by Luis San Vicente for children’s book and publishing added to his portfolio .

Papa and Dada
The families of our times can be very diverse: Look around and see it for yourself. But something that almost all families have in common is love. With a sweet story and amusing illustrations, this book teaches that there are many valid ways to relate and love each other. 

Pepito and The Haunting House
Pepito goes on with another detective adventure! If you liked helping Pepito solve the enigma of the world’s most boring street  you’re sure going to love helping him not to feel afraid in this new case to be solved … in a haunted house!

Bones is Grandpa’s four-legged mischief-maker, a troublemaker with a constant ball of energy and a big chewer. Nothing and no one is safe from his pranks and bites, from grandpa’s slippers to the neighborhood postman. Until one day, Calaca Pascuala knocks on his door and takes him on a trip to the afterlife. But even there, Bones can’t contain himself. Will he be able to punch, tumble and chew his way back to Grandpa, or will he start creating new forms of chaos from beyond the grave?

Luis San Vicente

Luis San Vicente ” Papa and Dada 2 “

Luis San Vicente

Luis San Vicente ” Papa and Dada “

Luis San Vicente

Luis San Vicente ” Pepito and the Haunted House “

Luis San Vicente

Luis San Vicente ” Juan Without Fear “

Luis San Vicente

Luis San Vicente ” Bone the Dog 2 “

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