Anne Defreville’s bio

Anne spent her childhood in Aix en Provence and studied at the Fine art school of Marseille.
She likes to juggle her passions:
THE BOOK. In the south, then in Paris, she began her career in publishing; first as a graphic designer, then artistic director and finally illustrator. She has publication in press and publishing, in comics, children’s literature, ecology, technical and well-being; She is also commissioned for cover book illustrations.
HUMOR: At the birth of her children, she creates an illustrated blog Arsenic et petites bretelles that makes her press cartoonist.
ECOLOGY: In love with science and nature, during the years of Fine art school, she produced illustration of science popularization for the Marseille Immunology Center (CNRS-INSERM). Later, she will train in fresco techniques with lime and natural and non-toxic paints. She creates murals for individuals.
In 2019, she writes “The Blue Age”; a graphic novel of anticipation and humor on the ecological crisis of the seabed. With the precious re-reading of the Bloom Association, this book will be published by Buchet / Chastel publisher next October.

ART: She teaches art and design, including Gobelins, the school of image and ESDAC Aix and Marseille.

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