Andy Elkerton’s Bio

After the obligatory three years of “mucking around” at art college I became an artist in the exotic world of computer games, at a time when computers were little more than dancing calculators. Much to my surprise I remained as an artist in the exotic world of computer games for a further fifteen years, until it didn’t seem so exotic anymore and all the dancing had stopped. I eventually escaped and decided to go back to my artistic roots as children’s illustrator. I now live in Oban, on the West Coast of Scotland, with my partner and two kids. I have worked for numerous clients, including; Jack Hook Publishing ,Oxford University Press ,Cambridge University Press ,John Brown Publishing ,LCP Harcourt, Franklin Watts, Macmillan, Scholastic ,McGraw Hill, Nestle ,Leckie+Leckie, Houghton Miflin, Rosa+Wesley, Hit Entertainment, Ferrero Kinder ,Hasbro Toys .

Andy Elkerton’s portfolio