Josh Cleland’s Bio

Josh Cleland is an illustrator working out of his home studio near Portland, Oregon, where he resides with his wife, Rayna, and dog, Newman.
Over the past 11 years he has illustrated for various children’s magazines, kids’ books, greeting cards, corporate advertisements, and more. Some  clients include Highlights, Storytime, Usborne, Pinterest, DuoPress, his dad, West Margin Press, and even The Walking Dead!
He generally creates all of his work on the computer as it allows him the complete freedom to explore as many ideas as quickly as possible without worrying about making mistakes. And clients love the process, too, since they can easily request changes. In fact, client collaboration is one of the funnest parts of his job!
He loves illustrating funny, light-hearted things, and has an affinity for drawing animals.
josh cleland

josh cleland

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