New illustrations addition by Anne Defreville

Series of new illustrations by Anne Defreville
for children’s book ,”L’Âge bleu – Sauver l’océan” Ed Buchet-Chastel – 2019 ,added to her portfolio.
Media : Watercolor
The tribulations of funny fish in a post-apocalyptic future On March 30, 2030, a rain of fine particles falls on the Earth and causes the “retro-evolution” of the men who return to the state of fish.

Mouans-Sartoux Prize for the book committed to the planet 2019 . Congratulations !

Anne Defreville

Anne Defreville ” Blue Age – Travelling Friends “

Anne Defreville

Anne Defreville ” Blue Age-To Save the Ocean “

Anne Defreville

Anne Defreville ” Ocean Floor Wrecks “

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